Under the guidance of a bilingual teacher, the lessons are basically in English, and it is possible to support in Japanese if you really don't understand.

Group lessons

A small class with 3 students per teacher. The teacher will be able to focus more attention on each student and give advice on individual weaknesses and learning methods. They can immediately ask questions that they do not understand and students will be able to develop the four skills with a learning method that suits your individual abilities.

Semi-private lesson

Class limited to 2 students per teacher. You can spend more time with your teacher than usual lessons, as well as giving advice on each person's weaknesses and learning methods.

Private Lesson

A class with one teacher and one student. In addition to weaknesses, learning method advice, and more in-depth English conversation time, we will create a career counseling, test preparation, and lesson curriculum that suits the student's wishes.

Online Lesson

You can take SEED original method lessons one-on-one anywhere in the world. This class is especially popular with those who want to improve their English conversation, listening and speaking skills.

Eiken preparation class

We will grasp the current level of each individual and calculate back from before the exam to support what to do and how to learn. We will carefully teach you how to solve each problem, how to write an essay, etc. from the beginning.

Schoolwork Preparation

This class is popular with those who want to improve their school grades. In addition to quizzes for each grade and unit, we support understanding of grammar and improvement of test scores by conducting pre-examination preparation tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the maximum number of students in a class?
  • A: The maximum number of students in class is four to ensure that each student has a good time allocation. If you would like a one-on-one lesson, please contact us for a private lesson.

  • Q: Where are the classrooms?
  • A: The current classrooms are in Shirokane, Kitashinagawa, Takadanobaba, Yokohama, and Mizonokuchi. Please see access for details.

  • Q: When is the class time?
  • A: Classes are held in the morning, afternoon, and evening according to the student's desired time zone.

  • Q: Are your teachers bilingual in English and Japanese?
  • A: Most teachers can speak both Japanese and English, but some are completely native teachers who cannot speak Japanese.