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We don't just teach English. We make a difference in young learners' lives and open up their futures.

If you think you can be a Teacher, Mentor, Role Model, Motivator, Friend, we'd love to have you at Seed Academy.

We’re Seed Academy Japan.

A little about us.
In business since 2014 with locations around Shinagawa / Kita-Shinagawa / Mizonokuchi / Yokohama / etc.
Our Schools are a mix between a cram school (Juku) and an International school but with a much more close and family vibe.
We are not a Conversation school or Nursery.
Our Students range from 4 to 18 years old (
average around the middle) with a wide variety of needs.
We offer much more customization in lessons and other services like International/national camps and study abroad programs. Our tutors have opportunities to take part in these fun and interesting programs all over Japan and in other countries.
We have a main curriculum with set books and homework.

Most of our tutors teach the same students weekly and become friendly. We hope for our tutors to be a kind of role model and mentor to students. Not just about their studies but life also.

If this sort of genuine desire to help students grow in many ways is something you can relate to then we’d love to have you at Seed Academy.


We look for people that can balance, creating a fun & friendly atmosphere while motivating students to achieve great things academically and personally.
Ideal Seed Tutors have had and overcome similar experiences to what our students are hoping to achieve. Studied abroad, Passed ESL tests, Figured out effective study methods that helped them Achieve Academic Success and many other Personal Experiences.

Previous teaching experience is not a requirement but may be helpful.
We provide initial training to all new tutors as well as regular ongoing training.

Shinagawa / Kita-Shinagawa / Mizonokuchi / Yokohama

The ESL industry is typically busiest evenings and weekends.
Busy times are mostly between 3pm and 8pm and Saturdays about 10am to 8pm. Currently we are closed Sundays.

– You must currently be living in Japan and have a valid visa to work. (Visa sponsorship may be available to the right candidate.)
– Must be near Native level in English.
– Some Japanese ability is helpful but not required.
– Japanese University Students with a high level of English are Welcome!

We work with your schedule and our lessons times to suit both.
It may also depend on the type of Visa.
You can have lessons as little as 1 day per week or as many as 5 days.

Our compensation rates are above industry average and based on a fair and simple scoring method. 
We will discuss the rates more when applying.
Travel Expenses are paid.

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